As a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, I love working with people on ways they can style timeless, classic jewelry pieces with current trends in fashion.  ​You can purchase any jewelry piece form C+I through  me.  Purchases are not limited to 'parties', however parties are great ways to take advantages of buying perks like raffles and gifts with purchases.  

Visit my shop page for inspiration and to explore my C+I online boutique!  

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If you are a bride and are interested in working with me to help you style your bridal day jewels, please contact me.  If you are a local wedding event venue or vendor, please consider suggesting to your brides the styling services I offer through Chloe + Isabel's Bridal Line.  

The perfect timepiece requires perfect engineering. Each of our timepieces is assembled by our expert technicians, ensuring integrity and time-keeping accuracy. 

Special Mother's Day Online Pop - Up with exclusive promotions, gifts-with-purchase and prizes! 

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